Internship Application Form Submission terms and conditions 

 By Submitting your application you agree to the following:
-My goal is to earn course credit and/or pursue an internship that is a  course requirement of my educational provider and part of my studies. OR to gain industry experience as an unpaid voluntary intern. 
-I understand and agree that I am requesting an unpaid internship / work experience and not a paying job
.- I am not  expecting to be offered a paid position within the company hosting my unpaid voluntary internship placement
-I understand that The Scholar Grid (TSG) will begin searching for potential internships after I pay the $150 deposit.
-I  understand that TSG has until the deadline date I set to find me a potential unpaid voluntary  internship placement. And if TSG cannot find one within by the given deadline , I will be given a full refund.  However, in the event I request TSG  to continue searching after the deadline I set, the deposit will remain with TSG until I decide.
-In the event TSG successfully find me an internship and I refuse it or change my mind,  the full $150 will not be refunded and my  application will be withdrawn.
-In the event TSG successfully find me an internship , I will be required to pay the remaining  fee I was quoted (minus the deposit) if I want to begin my internship


General Terms and Conditions


The Scholar Grid (TSG) is operating in New Zealand to assist in finding unpaid voluntary Internship placements (UVIPs) for potential interns within local New Zealand businesses/companies (hereafter referred to as Host Organizations (HO)).   


Application Process

After the internship applicant (hereafter referred to as ‘the applicant’)  submits the completed ‘Become an Intern’ application form, we will send the intern a quote for the internship. If the intern wishes to proceed then he/she must pay a deposit of $150. This deposit will initiate our search for the  internship, and is refundable if we are unable to find a placement. Afterwards we will set up a face-to-face, Skype, or phone meeting with the applicant. The applicant will have three business days after the deposit is paid to supply an up-to-date resume, proof of studies (students only), a copy of his/her New Zealand visa status, and any other documents required to process the application. If an opportunity arises, we will arrange an interview with the company. If successful, the applicant will be required to pay the remaining Service Fee within five days of receiving the UVIP offer by email, minus the $150 deposit. The UVIP agreement will then be signed and the internship will commence  as stated in the UVIP agreement. If an internship cannot be found by the deadline stated by the applicant,  the deposit will be refunded.

  • If the applicant finds an internship independently during the application process, the deposit will not be refunded

  • If the applicant rejects a successful UVIP placement, a valid reason must be given and approved; this is entirely at the discretion of TSG

  • TSG cannot guarantee an internship for every applicant, although strenuous endeavours will be made through our industry links and resources. Allowing at least 4-6 weeks will increase the chances of obtaining a UVIP.

  • TSG will not be held liable if a UVIP cannot be found

  • Refund Policy can be found here.


  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age; the internship opportunities offered by TSG are only available to individuals who can enter into legally binding contracts. Other eligibility guidelines are found here.

  • All parties involved acknowledge that all agreements and information electronically sent and established are legally binding.


Bank Fees

The applicant will be responsible for all bank fees and charges regarding the application process.




  • The involvement of TSG is limited to the introduction and facilitation of this UVIP document entered into by the Intern and the HO.

  • The Intern and the HO separately indemnify TSG from any losses, costs, or liabilities arising or incurred in connection with any breach or non-performance of the obligations of the parties under this UVIP Terms and Conditions. TSG shall not be liable to the HO or the Intern (or any third party) in respect of any consequential loss or cost, loss of business opportunity, loss of reputation, or any special or punitive damages incurred, or suffered by the HO or the Intern from any cause whatsoever.


Good Faith


In the event that the HO and Intern pursue the UVIP, confirmed and organised by TSG, without the knowledge of TSG, OR prior to TSG receiving full payment of the UVIP Service Fee (in accordance with the terms between TSG and the Intern) OR prior to signing the UVIP agreement, this would be a breach of good faith. Consequently, the Intern will not be eligible for any future services of TSG. The Intern would be legally liable for the remaining UVIP Service Fee (in accordance with the terms between TSG and the  Intern)

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