Non Internship jobs

Paid Position- Software Engineer 

Temp - 3-4 weeks 

East Tamaki, Auckland Start asap   

*NOTE there will be a service upon successful getting the position.  Once you click on Apply a quote will be sent to you . 

    1. Sit with our staff and observe

    2. Draw up their Processes

  1. Areas to Process Map

    1. Operations

    2. Accounts

    3. IT 

    4. Sales

    5. Etc 

  2. Why Software Engineer

    1. Because they already have the skills to Analyse and Process Map

  3. Location: East Tamaki

  4. Duration: Equivalent to 2-4 weeks Part Time (Approximate & Equivalent)

  5. Remuneration: Paid, subsidised

  6. Reasoning:

    1. Why I think it’s very important for Process Mapping (/Infographics):

                                                               i.      Increase understanding of a process

                                                             ii.      Analyze how a process could be improved

                                                           iii.      Show others how a process is done

                                                           iv.      Improve communication between individuals engaged in the same process

                                                             v.      Provide process documentation

                                                           vi.      Plan projects

                                                          vii.      Create and speed up the project design

                                                        viii.      Provide effective visual communication of ideas, information and data

                                                            ix.      Help with problem solving and decision making

                                                             x.      Identify problems and possible solutions

                                                            xi.      Can be built quickly and economically

                                                          xii.      Show processes broken down into steps and use symbols that are easy to follow

                                                        xiii.      Show detailed connections and sequences

                                                        xiv.      Show an entire process from the beginning to the end

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