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Corporate Maturity 


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Fill out the application form. We will send you a quote for your internship

If you agree with the quote , next you  pay   deposit.This is fully refundable if we could not find you an internship. 

We will set up a face to face, Skype or phone meeting as a pre-screening process.  

If an opportunity  comes up we will set up an interview with a company. 

Viola!!  Your internship journey of challenging paths and   double shots of coffee begins! 


International student / graduate

  • Must have valid student visa/Post study work visa

  • Must be or have been enrolled in an accredited New Zealand tertiary institution

  • Display English language abilities

  • Proof of course requirement for an internship. 

Domestic student / graduate

  • Proof of course requirement for an internship. 

Professional Individual 

  • Must have valid NZ citizenship/Residency , work visa or Post study work visa. 

Overseas applicant

  • Please contact us and include your Country of Citizenship. 


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