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This internship is very goal oriented with a set start and finish date. Usually a company would have a particular organisation project that requires a variety of resources and as  an intern you would be assigned certain tasks working as part of a team. 

Sample projects

  • A  new website

  • Digitalising documents

  • System migration

  • Marketing campaigns 

  • Improving a legacy system

  • Business Process Re-engineering 

Project based Internships 

Professional individuals are usually graduates or someone with some industry experience  that are seeking internships simply to improve their industry know hows in New Zealand. 

An individual who:

  • Has some years in web development abroad and would like to apply these skills in New Zealand

  • Has been in the IT industry for years and would like to start a new career in Marketing.

  • A graduate who wants to apply what was learnt at University, while seeking a full time job elsewhere. 



Some academic institutions require a student to intern as a programme requirement. Each programme has their own Learning Objectives, internship hours required and some must seek pre-approval by the student's supervisor at their academic institution. 

Internships could be 

  • 800 hours  in an  Architecture Engineering firm

  • 400 hours in a Data Analytics placement. 

  • 40 hours in Hotel Management

  • 350 hour Part time App Developer over 6 months. 

  • Whatever  your course requires

Course credit  / requirement internships

  • Meet new people

  • Gain industry experiences

  • Start networking 

  • Be part of the industry grid

  • Add more to your CV

  • Build a portfolio

  • Test drive your skills 

Experiences await you